Wordpress will be the death of me.

I've been working on redesigning my website for approximately one hundred years. Nothing is as simple as it should be, and I am the prime example of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." I have to be able to update it myself, and I'm actually pretty good with computers, believe it or not. I even once won "Best in Show" in the Kentucky State Fair for a basic computer program that I wrote and designed when I was seven years old. Ergo, if you want an expert of 1985 Basic Programing, I am your girl. But things have changed, apparently, and even Wordpress makes me want to pull my teeth out.

I've got things almost the way I want them on the new site, but there are a few things here and there that just aren't perfect. Like an indent where I don't want one. A small missing bit of information. A photo that is just slightly askew.
Do you like piƱa coladas? I know, this photo has
nothing to do with this blog. But this one time, I
went to Havana Rumba and had a drink by myself
and it was kind of the most awesome thing ever.

Meanwhile, what I should be doing with my very limited free time is actually PLAYING MUSIC!

Tyra, will you just be my manager already? I can't be trusted with my career anymore.

Also, Steve, Peter, Dan, Andy, when are you guys available to play another band gig? Do you even read my blog? You've probably forgotten who I am because I haven't even played with you since that fantastically sold-out show at the New Vintage back in January. When can we record that new record? I'm ready to play.

Anyone with me?


Back to Wordpress.

But coming soon on The Red Accordion Diaries:
  • Tips on teaching your child to swim.
  • A fancy tea party I had a few weeks ago at a neat shop nearby.
  • Who stole my red accordion?
And probably some recipes because I've been cooking.


  1. Basic! Good memories. I drove my teacher nuts because I figured out how to program music and would make all the computers in the lab beep out jingle bells simultaneously. Also, you need to book another European tour.