Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where’d my small town go?

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I laugh about how everyone in Louisville seems to know my business (or some weird version of my business) before I do.

But the weirdest thing just happened. I went to my neighborhood microbrewery ... and didn't know anyone there!

First, I watched a movie at a friend's house, then came home, intending on going to bed before midnight. But my roommate is home. She is great, but I felt like being by myself. I've been like that a lot lately actually. (Sorry, gentle roommates, my winter hibernation is coming early, and I'd rather not subject you to my moodiness. I blame the weather. El Niño, perhaps.)

And when I feel like being by myself, then I go out. That probably seems odd to you, but it's something I learned in my years in New York: the art of going out alone.

Usually, though, when I go out, I see someone I knew.

But I just went up to Cumberland Brews, scanned the room to make sure I wasn't unintentionally snubbing anyone (it's a smalllllll town, remember?), and was surprised to not recognize a soul. So I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir (stalkers, take note -- she drinks Pinot when she drinks wine, which is generally only when the pub doesn't have a hard-liquor-license), sat at the bar, and did the New York Times crossword puzzle from the LEO. Well, technically, I didn't complete it. But i worked on it diligently until my glass was empty.

Then I came home.

Weird. Where is everyone on this Saturday night at 12:15 am? How can I go out and be alone when there's no one to wave to?

I am such a bizarre creature.

It was really pleasant though. Cumberland has good Pinot. And it was nice to not have to tell anyone I was leaving. Still, it felt like Bizarro-Cumberland.


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