Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good music with good people.

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Short blog today, just to say how much I love playing music.

I always get stressed out before a show, and I don't think most people understand how much work goes in to properly promoting and putting on a good one. Will anyone be there? Will the sound guy understand how to EQ my accordion? Will anyone be there? Did the show get listed in the newspaper? (Velocity failed us this time, sadly, but LEO done good, good, good.) Will the opener start on time? Will anyone be there?

And booking a show six days in advance is especially tricky. But Shannon will be in his hometown for Thanksgiving, and he's a big shot now (stupid Major Labels stealing away Louisville's own!). So luckily, a show with the two us big enough news that the local media cares.

He and I decided to do one of those big Thanksgiving Eve shows. (Will anyone be there?)

I've played with tons of people over the years, but Shannon's voice and mad pickin' skillz continue to amaze me.

And because of the beauty of the Louisville music scene, he and I have approximately one billion mutual musical friends. I suspect one million of them show up to sit in tonight. It's gonna be gooooood.

Lookout for surprises, yodels, haikus, accordion solos, deep basses, high tenors, nostalgia, friends, music, magic, smiles, and lots of laughter, all the things for which one should be thankful.

See you there! (You'll be there, won't you?!?)
Monkey Wrench
1025 Barret Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204
9:00 Douglas Lucas
followed by Brigid and Shannon
and friends
$7 cover. (or walk in with a guitar case and fool the doorman)

(Will anyone be there?)

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