Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Update

Quick Update

Oh, have I got some adventures for you!

But right now, a lovely English woman has just served me a brandy in her home. And it's warm. And she cooked a divine curry earlier. Two of the nicest folks I've ever met have welcomed us into their homes.

Their hospitality and warmth made me not even notice the sheets of Manchester rains. Well, not until my jeans were soaked, anyway.


-first-class to Europe is unbelievable.
-driving on the left side of the road is scary, but Peter's doing great
-what did we ever do before GPS systems?
-chips are better than fries
-umbrellas are for silly Americans, or people with straight hair
-more comments later...

Peter says hello. He has blisters on his feet, and he has broken his shoe. (Layla, you were right; he should have brought more than one pair.)

Longer blog promised soon. And some video. We've been having an absolute blast!

Check out Kirsty McGee's music below. She's a friend in Manchester.

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