Sunday, March 18, 2007


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It's that time of year ... and for Nashville, it comes a few weeks earlier than Louisville. Even more reason to enjoy my time there: USNA-USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6B, baby!

I planted a garden this morning. Well, for now just marigolds and pansies, but i began to prepare the bed for the delicious herbs and veggies that will feed me throughout the summer. You know it's commitment when you plant it in the earth.

Where is this elusive garden? I have no idea ... i haven't learned my neighborhood names late, but i know how to get there. I know it is 171.3 miles from my Louisville driveway. It's near I-40. The soil is rich, there's a hoe and rake in the crawl space, and a majestic black Great Dane lives across the alley. The ice cream man drives by playing Turkey in the Straw a bit too loudly (which, by the way, i can play quite well on my fiddle now). If i ever figure out where the garden is, i invite you to come sample some heirloom tomatoes, come July. I'm going to have a mediterranean-themed garden, i do believe. Come over and make a sauce sometime.

in the mean time, i'm going to have to figure out a nice way to shape my front-yard-veggie-garden in Louisville. I live next door to Mr. Lawn Extraordinaire, so i can't be a total eyesore, even if it does mean free eggplant for the neighborhood.

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