Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When the Village comes through for you.

Motherhood is isolating, but my village came through for me last night in a big way. David's out of town, so I was solo parenting a 2.5-year-old who was perfectly normal one minute, then 104 fever the next. And then it went up ... and down ... and up and down.

Details unnecessary -- all is well now. But I owe a lot to friends who kept their phones on all night in case I needed something. Thank you to:

Braun No-Touch Thermometer

  • My wonderful parents who asked no questions when I asked them to bring over one of their cars so I'd have transportation to the ER if necessary (not necessary). We could have taken a taxi or called a friend, but it was nice to have the option of a car. It's the one thing people always call me out on when I confirm that we don't own an automobile. "But what if your kid is sick?" Again, taxi or friend is an option ... but remember the Village-thing? Everyone is helping to raise the Wee Boy, and I very much appreciate it.
  • My wonderful friend/doctor who answered her texts during her night out (and who fit the wee boy into her overworked schedule this morning).
  • My amazing neighbor came over at 11pm -- again, no questions asked -- to sit with the Wee Boy, so I could run to the pharmacy. When I came home from my quick errand, they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. She is a Good Witch Next Door.

Also -- and this is pure advertising -- but can I say how much I love the Braun no-touch forehead thermometer? I received it as a Klout Perk (the only Klout perk i've ever actually claimed), and I was pretty determined not to advertise for it. But guess what ... I love it. It's easy to use, and as accurate as any other I've found. Bonus points because I've had it six months, and it hasn't broken yet. The Wee Boy has a problem with breaking expensive thermometers.

Carry on, now ... everything's well again.


  1. Aw, poor little guy (and you). Hope he feels better quickly!

    1. Thanks! I was totally thinking of you and poor F's febrile seizures:(