Friday, June 27, 2014

The book purge.

I've been staying at my parents' house for a few weeks because we rented our house out again. My parents opted to take a road trip, so that my mom and I don't murder each other from staying in such close quarters. This leaves me entirely in charge of the household.

My parents and I have different philosophies when it comes to housekeeping. Basically, they save everything, and I throw everything away. Every day I wake up here wanting to help clear clutter by renting a large dumpster and having Carrie come over and guide me through an organizational exercise. She would prevent me from falling down the sentimental rabbit hole.

BUT, Mom, I know you're reading this, and you should know that I have not thrown anything away.

The biggest thing I want to get rid of: books.

I know, I know.

When I was little, I would 'design houses,' thinking I wanted to be an architect. I'm not a detail person, however, so I realized early this would be a terrible career choice for me (e.g. I would accidentally leave out the bathrooms from my dream house designs). The one thing my dream designs always had: libraries. Floor-to-ceiling shelves with those fancy wooden ladders on wheels. Entire rooms for sipping tea and reading.

So it pains me that I'm so okay with getting rid of books (again, Mom, I'm not, so stop freaking out). I don't want to get rid of all of them. Just the ones that 1) no one will ever read again and 2) weren't memorable and 3) have no sentimental value.

I did a book purge at my own house last year, and it was amazing. I don't miss any of them, and my lungs are less full of dust now. I also have more room to put cute pictures of my adorable little boy.

Stop freaking out, Mom.

By the way, I totally did move the VHS tapes to a big tupperware bin in the basement. AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME BECAUSE YOU ARE IN WYOMING. We can fight about it when you get home. I love you!

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