Monday, April 28, 2014

Best Weekend to come to Louisville

Most people probably think Kentucky Derby Weekend is the best weekend to be in Louisville, but you're wrong. It's the weekend BEFORE Derby that showcases my favorite things to do here. We made the most of our Saturday by walking to the Balloon Race at Bowman Field, then catching a quick nap (the balloons take off at 7am!) before meandering over to the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. It sounds like an Art Fair, but it's actually just a big social event party where people scramble to purchase as many little green cups as they can manage. The beer that fills them is just a bonus.

Saturday night, David and I even managed to GO OUT BY OURSELVES! It wasn't Derby-related (though it would be fun if the last-Saturday-in-April meant Michael Jackson Festival -- someone get on that, please!), but it was super fun. A friend offered us last-minute tickets to the Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson show down at the YUM! Center, which made me want to dance wildly AND do a lot more yoga. The troupe did a lot of interpretation, but stuck to most of the original dance moves that we all know and love. It was also my first time at the YUM! Center, and I dug it quite a lot. Do they always have musicians playing pre-game/pre-show in the lobby? If not, Mr. Mayor, please get on that! Wouldn't that be a great place to showcase some great local talent?

Speaking of that, there was this half-naked woman cello player who wiggled around in Cirque de Soleil and made me think they probably, no, DEFINITELY, need a musical saw player in that troupe. I'm not above dangling from a trapeze while I'll play the accordion, either. Call my people, and we'll work something out.

But back to important things: What's your favorite move from "Thriller"? Mine is the step-to-the-side/shimmy/clap-your-hands-above-your-head. I'd post a video of myself doing that move, but you all don't really want to see that.

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