Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Headliners Show Canceled

Don't come to Headliners on Monday, May 13! Well, at least don't come to see me and Martha Wainwright. She just canceled her tour.

Sorry to tease you.

In other news, I think I've found a replacement computer, which cheers me tremendously. You see, my precious MacBook (the one that drowned) was not only my only means of recording and writing (my fingers cramp when I use a pen, so I can't even be old-fashioned), but it was our entire home entertainment center. Remember that our television (and liquor collection and David's shoes!) was stolen while we were abroad, along with our DVD player, and much of our CD collection. So when my precious laptop met its demise, David and I were forced to play dominos and read and hold hands.

Really, it wasn't so bad.

What are you reading? David is tearing through every single Inspector Rebus novel in chronological order, while I try to beat him with Agatha Raisin mysteries. Apparently, when you become parents, you start reading mystery novels. Who knew?

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