Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scottish folk music from last night's gig -- Kris Drever

Last night was the monthly "Adam Holmes & the Embers presents..." night at the Voodoo Rooms here in Edinburgh. Adam (well, truthfully, most of the hard work and organization is accomplished by his trusty bass player/manager Alex) hosts two or three other artists on the first Wednesday of the month on a great stage. Adam's band plays a set as well. I've played a solo set before, but usually I just play as Adam's accordion/keyboard player. Being a sideman allows me to relax and enjoy the show a bit more than the running-around that being a frontman requires.

Yesterday's show was particularly well-attended because the headliner was a well-known Scottish folk musician from Orkney (so far north!!) named Kris Drever.  He's a singer/guitarist who has won all kinds of awards, and everyone here was amazed that I'd not heard of him. Although I'm betting most of these people haven't heard of famous Kentucky folk musicians, and Kentucky and Scotland are pretty close population-wise (KY is 4 millionish and Scotland is 5 millionish), so I don't feel too bad about my missing Scottish folk music knowledge. Still, I'm glad to have discovered Kris, as his show was good fun.

Fortunately for Kris and unfortunately for me, the room was packed, and no one gave up their seat to a pregnant lady (the nerve!). My feet aren't my best friends these days, so I finally went in the green room, grabbed my accordion stool, and made my own place to sit. It seems my booty has outgrown that wee stool, so I really only heard half of Kris and Eamonn's (Kris's sideman) set. But it was good stuff, and I hope I get the chance to hear them again.

Here's a little video I found with a taste of what we heard last night...

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