Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My secret announcement! It's a good one.

I have heard so many rumors lately that I'm having a baby that I'm starting to get paranoid. Let me assure you, perhaps by inviting you all out for a cocktail on August 26th, that I am not -- I just ate a lot of pommes frites and chocolate croissants on my honeymoon. But I do have some big news. I am moving abroad for a while. That August 26th show is a big Farewell Show. Put it in your Outlook/iCal now, please.

Again, you may have heard the rumor (although, I mostly heard it was Ireland), and if you read my blog on it's original site rather than the Facebook Auto-Import feed as a note, you may have noticed my profile change: "soon to be ex-pat, taking up residence in Edinburgh, Scotland, this September."

It's not really been a big secret, but then again we haven't really officially announced it. But yes, HWT and I are moving to Edinburgh, where he will be getting his MBA in International Business (I think that's code for James Bond Training), and I will be singing and playing and touring and maybe writing that novel, but still teaching some piano lessons to some folks back here on good ol' Skype. HWT wanted to go back to school, and I wanted to go somewhere where I have a music career. Scotland fits both.

It isn't permanent, and I know Louisville's calling us still. I have gotten more cool gig offers in Louisville this fall than I've ever been able to turn down and it kills me. But I am really looking forward to studying abroad for a year.

All that said, we now have three weeks to rent our house (3BR/2Ba with
a basement in Seneca Gardens, anyone?), sell the truck, sell the VW, find a flat in Edinburgh, and move. Hopefully we will move all our stuff to storage before we sell the truck.

I'll be talking about this more on WFPK in the 10:00 hour today with one Kyle Meredith. Maybe I'll sing a little ditty too.

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