Sunday, June 6, 2010

Roundabouts Rule.

I don't think the following statement will require me forfeiting my US Passport, but some of you will undoubtedly disagree. I like roundabouts. They make sense, they save gas, they prevent road rage, they prevent car-sickness, and they make you feel like your journey is coming along nicely. And if you miss your exit, you can keep circling around, you know, BigBen-Parliament style.

One thing I hate about driving back in the States is that it can take 10 minutes to drive half a mile if you hit the wrong stoplights. It can be overly frustrating to sit in traffic behind those morons who insist on turning left at stoplights without a turn arrow. At a roundabout, who cares if someone is turning left? It matters not.

I also love BBC Radio 4, with it's nonsensical soap operas that are somehow compelling even when the drama is a young girl's biology exams coinciding with her family's "Open Farm Day," whatever that is. It's better than the BBC News that we get, even though I love listening to the BBC News back home. It somehow makes softens terrible international news when you hear it in a British accent. I shall miss Radio 4 next week, however, and I wonder if my local public radio station could, perhaps, start work on its own soap opera.

There were a few other things that I like, but I can't remember now. Off to Dublin tomorrow, then off to New York.


  1. Come to New Jersey while we still have roundabouts, Brigid...they're getting rid of ours...

  2. We still have a good deal of them in the New England states Brigid. I've been trying to get you to come up here for a while, maybe you'll be enticed by roundabouts! Here in Mass we call it a rotary, not a roundabout. In New Hampshire they are rotaries or traffic circles.

    Come to the northeast and play, during the days you can drive around the roundabouts all you like!

    Have fun!
    Troy Gray
    the vulture