Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogging from the road.

I was thinking the other day about my blogs, specifically how I have not been doing the best job giving you a play-by-play of life on the road. Then I got to thinking about how this whole celebrities-on-twitter and random musicians-blogging-from-the-road phenomenon gives the world a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes. It's partly edited, however, by what people choose to write about, but also I think there's a hesitancy to write the daily routine because, well, it's really not that exciting.

We don't know what it was like for rock bands in the 60s and 70s to tour together, other than the legendary stories that are left behind. Can you imagine what John Lennon or Keith Richards's Twitter feed would have looked like? I'm hoping they would have tweeted about more than baked potatoes and pretty scenery. But, at the same time, maybe not ... they'd likely leave out the tweets about hours in the bus, getting carsick, getting on the band members' nerves, and superfans.

Anyway, if I haven't been giving you enough details about the trip, it's that I figure it's really not that interesting. Their have been hours in the car (thankfully, those hours have been in a foreign country, and so the scenery is always interesting and often dotted with ancient ruins). There have been moments of car-sickness. Butch and I have surely gotten on each other's nerves The superfans have all been a pleasant surprise, so nothing interesting to say there. And I'm not just saying that to satiate them because they are probably reading the blog. One of them in particular doesn't even have internet, but he turned up at 3 different shows in 3 different regions of the country. I can tell you straight up it's amazing to have fans like that when you're thousands of miles from home.

So to sum up, we have seen some crazy things here, but I didn't tweet them all. Here's a starter list:

a windmill being delivered on an extra-long lorrie (a Semi truck, for you Americans), down an incredible narrow road in a remote area of Scotland. Terrifying when you are driver in the opposing lane.

polite road signs: "So sorry for the delay"

crazy road signs: "Zebra crossing" and "Oncoming traffic in the middle of the road"

a group of 8 redheaded pre-school children being taken for a walk .. on a leash, a la reindeer.

I'm in Europe for another week, taking some time off before the next show (a private party in New York). I may even take a break from the blogs because I'm finding it difficult to relax when I'm constantly searching for WiFi.


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  1. Hi Brigid,

    Neil Adams of "The Layers" asked me to say 'Hi'

    I'm a 'Retired' 5 String Bassist, formerly from Glasgow and now living in Kinross - also a Couch Surfing buddy of Neils

    Bill (AkA 'ReToX')