Thursday, January 14, 2010

Explain to me again why we don't have flying cars yet?

I just visited my friend's apartment ... in Norway. No, it wasn't another one of those wacky Brigid whirlwind-weekends-to-Europe. It was all from my living room, via my awesome laptop and Skype.

I am completely amazed by Skype. How is it possible that I can talk to my friend, see her, understand her, and have a normal conversation, for absolutely free, while she is in Norway and I am in Kentucky??? It's totally living in the future.

Someone recently asked me if I was interested in teaching piano lessons via Skype, a thought that intrigues me a lot. With all the advances in webcams, it would be easy to do, as long as I could see your fingers on the piano. Maybe I'll try it next week ... I canceled a few lessons because I'm going to be out of the country, but I guess I could always just Skype them from the beach. How cool would it be to just teach all my lessons via Skype? I might actually be able to balance a full tour schedule with lessons. Hmmmm ... anyone out there ever done reason business over webcams? Apparently, it's fairly common.

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