Monday, July 20, 2009

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Review time! I've got lots to blog about this week, including an amazing day with The Muckrakers during their last show, a bloodthirsty game of risk with some Muckrakers and Friend-with-a-Truck, my morning with Walter Cronkite, and maybe a few other stories-to-come.

But for now ... to attend to your comments and questions:

Nick S - Lucky lucky you for finding someone who understands the life of a musicians. There are very few out there. And yes, a Big Band is a wonderful thing ... i sing with some of the guy's from my grandpa's band about twice a year.

Melissa R.S. - You know, I think you're right about me always being busy. But I also think I'm sort of masochistic like that ... i'm depressed when I'm bored.

Laura Ro - I will happily relieve you of any extra tomatos. My plants are not nearly as productive as my pumpkins.

Michael -- I bet you anything my granpa knew your uncle. We should investigate.

Sabrina -- We still need to take you to dinner.

Chermaya -- Did you see HP yet?

Neil -- I read one of the Earthsea books. I like it okay, but I really just don't like that genre. I think that's why I like Harry Potter; it doesn't feel like a fantasy book. And I prefer the "hit me up if you need a pint" of the UK over the blood bank anyday.

Garrett -- Yeah, we eventually let those kids cut in front of us though. But only because the ABC News camera crew was there, and we didn't want to look like asses. Remember how tightly you had to clutch your Goblet of Fire on the train home? I thought I would be mugged for sure.

Vicki --Have you started watching the HP movies yet?

Terry F -- Yes, please, say hello! Or at least spread a rumor that I was doing something fabulous.

Keith S - From how they were posing with their wands, I'm pretty sure they are into more than just ice cream sundaes.

Margy - That is a GREAT story! I'm going to start calling you the "Clay and Cotton Lady." Awesome. You should absolutely open a store in Vail.

Kyle - Thanks for the squash. You missed a killer Risk night, while you were out pretending like you had friends in high school.

Alex - I'll see you at LTC. Do i have to dress as a vampire? Is this Twilight or True Blood?

Jenny S - Stiltgrass updates still needed!

Susan - It's funny, mom was saying how Joe never talked, but he told me the story of "Intermission" multiple times. Maybe it was a musician-to-musician thing. If I ever have kids, they'd better not interrupt a gig. I've been daydreaming about Colorado lately, by the way ... could be time to book a show there.

Sandra -- Oh, I wasn't volunteering to just anyone .. just those universal acceptors and my fellow B+ers. Sorry i can't save your life:(

Brit -- Why in the world did YOU get kicked out of high school?

Paul & Lyzz -- Blood valedictorians. Boooooo.

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  1. i now have more squash. lots more squash. and finally some peppers!

    and thanks for continuing to rub Risk in my face. it sounds like one of the best ones so far. i'm starting to feel like the old Lost Boy who can't find his marbles and always misses the adventure. ;-)