Saturday, April 25, 2009

Racing and Blogging and Sign Holding.

I was going to skip blogging today. One, it is the Sabbath. Two, it was 87 degrees and humid in Louisville today. And three, I got up at 6am to run the mini-marathon this morning.

Okay, three is a lie. But I'm at a party right now, and the party just discovered that I haven't blogged yet today. So Friend-who-hosts-the-party has delivered his laptop. And here I am.

I did get up at 6am though, to drive to various points of the marathon and cheer on some crazy friends of mine. Crazy, as in they chose to run 13.1 miles in 87 degree weather.

Our various signs said:
"Tequila and a Kiss at the finish line!" Kris held this one, which prompted whistles and cheers from the women and "I'll take the tequila!" from the men.
I held a giant Texas flag for our running friends who happen to be from Texas. There were a surpising amount of Texans who felt extra special today.
My other favorite sign was: "John 3:16 David #1!!!" (for our friend, David, of course. Go David!)

We had another sign, but it didn't really make an appearance ... it was a beautiful inspirational quote from Ricky Bobby: "If you ain't first ... you're last!!" It was funny, but not really appropriate when we saw the exhausted, sweaty runners crying and barely halfway through.

Okay, I'm signing off before this party turns into one of those anoying parties where everyone stands around the computer and watches YouTube videos.

Good job, running friends. Y'all are crazy. But it was fun cheering you on.

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