Sunday, April 5, 2009

Passive Agressive Notes, Blogs, and Facebook Statuses

*** I wrote this blog over a month ago, then failed to post it. I chickened out, fearing that it would be perceived as a Passive Aggressive Blog. That is not my intent, but oh well if it seems that way. ****

Have you seen It's a hilarious collection of notes people have left for roommates, friends, anonymous people who steal their parking spots, etc. You get the picture.

I've also seen a great deal of passive aggressive Facebook statuses lately. Some are woe-is-me statuses (or is it stati? just checked .. statuses is more acceptable ... stati is plural in Latin) and others are things like "So-and-so wishes some people would return her phone calls already." I'm surprised their aren't more Facebook fights.

It's known that I have roommates. It is also known that I am rarely home, and when I am, it does not usually coincide with the moments my roommates are also home. I live in constant fear of writing The Passive Aggressive Note.

But here's the thing: How do you possibly communicate something to someone you never see without sounding passive aggressive? In the notes in the site, the more smiley faces and pleases and thank yous in a note, the more bitchy you sound. I know some of the notes I've left were probably construed that way, but sometimes you just need to tell people not to flush tampons down the toilet and they don't answer their phones and isn't leaving a voice-mail like that just as horrible, if not worse, than a note?

(Quite certain this one doesn't read my blog, but here I go again worrying that suddenly I'm writing a passive aggressive blog. I swear I'm not. I might be anal about my plumbing and my cookware, but I'm not passive aggressive. And I own the home, and therefore the plumbing system, and don't enjoy spending my savings account because of the bizarro things you flush.)

Anyway, I've had to leave notes before, and I always hate doing that. If anyone has found a way to leave a note to a roommate asking them to do something or not do something, please let me know. I haven't left a note in a long time. I stop myself every time and cringe and hope that I see them sometime.

And roommates, I'm pretty sure you two don't read my blogs either, but please please know that I really am trying not to be passive aggressive. I just don't like crusty overnight splar in my expensive cookware. Maybe that's anal, or maybe it's just that it's a New Depression and I can't afford new Calphalon.

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