Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ok. I only have computer access for five minutes today.

I am confessing to the world that I spent $200 on a pair of shoes last week. Never in my life have I spent more than $110 on shoes, mostly because I have freakish feet (this could be why I can't run) that are size 6.5 but 4E. As in Extra-extra wide. Extra-extra-extra-EXTRA wide, actually. Almost square. I have square feet, my friends.

But I was browsing last week, after Friend-with-a-Smart-Car insisted that I come with him to the Zappos Outlet in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, one fine afternoon. And I saw these amazing cowboy boots. They are purple. gold, AND red. ANd the only size left was: 6.5 Extra-extra-extra-extra Wide.

It was totally a sign.

They arrived yesterday. I've already worn them on real Earth, so they are sticking with me. I'm not having the slightest Buyer's Remorse, and it's a freakin' recession.

Oh well, if you can't pay the mortgage, at least you can look good in your new boots.

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