Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh, Atlanta!

Oh, Atlanta!
Writing this from the green room at some random club in Atlanta, where Peter and I played tonight.

I'm back on the road. The show tonight was average. Well, we rocked, with the help of Greg Lee, an uber-fun bass player who live in Atlanta. It was just a strange crowd of hipsters. There were a few really great folks in the audience though, and they were much appreciated.

The best part of the day was the crack-o-ritas that we had. There is a mexican restaurant on Ponce de Leon that, i swear, laces their margaritas with some pharmaceuticals. Every time we come here, it only takes one, and we are all just loopy. But we know the secret now, so we know to order just one.

The second best part of the day was enforcing my belief that Peter Searcy can yodel. I mean, i've heard is epiglottis flip! Somewhere on 24East, i subjected the van to a podcast i discovered called "Yodelcast." We listened to some serious Bavarian yodeling, and I tried to guide Peter through some epiglottis gymnastics.

I think the problem is that you really need to be alone to yodel. It's very personal, and it needs to be loud. Peter was really close to just letting go and yodeling his indie-rock heart out, but i think he was holding back a bit. Likely, he was timid because he was trying to be a nice guy bandleader and not bother the sleeping drummer. I was not so kind, and i yodeled quite a bit on the road.

Sorry, Steven. Well, not really. I think you should probably learn how to yodel too.

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