Saturday, November 10, 2007

from the studio

from the studio
Current mood: thankful
Monday morning, when i arrived at the recording studio, I had every intention of driving back to Louisville that same evening. Then I went out for mexican food with Duane, Justin, and Robby, and two margaritas later, I changed my mind.

Except for one very strange evening back in Louisville (Thursday), I've been in Lexington all week.

It's been both leisurely and productive. Most of all, I have really enjoyed exploring my songs with these guys. There's always a moment for me when I'm suddenly nervous that my songs totally suck and the studio musicians are just there for the money. And I know they are there for the money, but it's beautiful to watch them get excited about an idea and make the song come to life. My last record was full of brilliant musicians, but this time it feels like I've got an actual band who cares and appreciates the nuances of the song. I wish I could pack them in the volvo and take them back home with me.

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