Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Waffles and savasana all day long.

Welcome to my midlife crisis! It's probably more like a three-quarter life crisis, given the genes in my family, but 'midlife' rolls off the tongue more easily. Yesterday afternoon I played a piano cocktail hour and decided that I would end the job with a bunch of green chili wontons, go home, play with children, and start doing all kinds of fun midlife crisis things in the morning. There were no green chili wontons at the event, alas, so I ate crackers and a gin & tonic.

My 3-year-old took this photo.
This morning, I awoke at 6am because children. We all went downstairs, and I immediately decided to be self-indulgent and also kind. We all had waffles for breakfast -- frozen, processed, Trader Joe's waffles. We all read books. The boys read books to each other. I walked Graham to the bus stop and made him wear this ridiculous Budweiser umbrella hat from the 1970s because I couldn't find the box that held actual umbrellas. I got some work done. I had a meeting.

I went to yoga -- that was the big thing ... I'm committed to going back to yoga, mostly because I need something to manage my anxiety and irritability. After going through a couple of sun salutations, I decided that I actually wanted to just lie in savasana the entire class. Being that it's my midlife crisis, I did just that. I was in the back row, so every time the rest of the class did down-dog, they surely noticed me still lying on my back, but whatever. I paid a lot of money to lie down on that mat, and it was really nice.

My midlife crisis is going to be some sort of balance between doing all the things I want to do before I die AND not destroying the environment in the process (because guilt about the planet has followed me ever since my enviro-conscientious 8th grade science teacher told us not to flush if it's just pee).

So ... what are the kinds of things people do during midlife crises?? Do they join a gym? (yoga -- CHECK) Take a ridiculous vacation? (in-the-works!!) Buy a car? (MAYBE?!). Totally change careers? (COULD BE!) Stay tuned and check back what antics I'm up for.

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