Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Speaking to adults after baby.

Has anyone figured out how to re-learn how to speak to adults after having a child? I suppose it depends what your work is. My work is mostly teaching kids and singing my songs, so I haven't had much practice in real conversation. Are there classes out there? I feel like I need social skills.

I was talking to one of the moms in my music class this morning about how so often we say things that are horribly offensive to other moms without even knowing it. For example, I upset a friend a few months ago because I was speaking passionately about how the maternity care system is so much better in other countries than it is here. (This is a huge passion of mine, and I get worked up. I never mean it personally, of course.)
Poor kiddo was sick all last week.
At least we cuddled a lot.

So many times, other moms have upset me by their casual comments about how mean it is to have just one child. Perhaps they don't phrase it like that, but they'll say something like, "Oh, the greatest gift I ever gave Brunhilda was her sibling." Or, "I just don't want him to be an only child because I don't want him to miss out or be spoiled." They surely don't realize how insulting that is, or I don't think they would say it at all. It is very frustrating to hear, speaking as an only child who absolutely loved and benefited from being the only one.

Anyway, specifics don't matter -- we all say dumb things. At least, parents of young children say dumb things, it seems. I don't quite know how to re-enter society. I feel like I should be reading some anthropology book aimed at foreign visitors to America because I am really missing the basics here.

Anyone feel similarly?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How many pairs of pants does a 3-year-old actually need?

My 3-year-old has over 60 pairs of pants (re: trousers for my UK readers). These are all long pants, size 3T. I have not bought him a single pair, and for that I am forever grateful. Seriously, the hand-me-downs have been amazing, especially for people with massive graduate school debts and a hatred for shopping. But I have got to pair down and donate what's not needed ... because -- even though I hate laundry, and 60 pairs of pants could probably get us through the winter without a washing -- that many pants don't actually fit in his chest of drawers. Also, laundry isn't the worst household chore. (That would be: dishes.)

But, legitimate question, how many pairs of trousers does a 3-year-old boy need? Anyone have a system? Please comment and help! He's been potty-trained for over a year, so we don't need extra-just-in-case-pants. Help me out here, experts!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Confessions and random thoughts.


  • I have been going to bed before 9pm all week. Tonight I have an early gig, and I'm still hoping to be in bed by 9. 
  • My kid wasn't affected in the least by the time change. I think that's what comes of him being a generally not-great sleeper. He doesn't ever care what time it is. I read updates of people whose kids are "begging to go to bed," and I am confused. A parenting success out of a failure!
  • I want to cook a holiday feast. I think maybe I now like the holidays. I'm not sure what that's about. Speaking of...
  • I saw someone walking down the street with a Starbucks red cup earlier this week, and now I wish I lived within walking distance of a Starbucks. I know. I really know. But I still want one.
  • I got into Yerdle for a few weeks, accumulated some Yerdle dollars to buy stuff (which I haven't used yet because I don't actually like to buy things), and now I think I have stopped Yerdling. It's a time-suck, and it involves trips to a UPS store, and I'm starting to think it's a part-time job. I have enough trouble balancing my 6 part-time jobs as it is.
  • We had a rental car for a month because of David's work. It was very weird, and I don't think I enjoyed it. More on that in another blog.
  • I really like to browse Pinterest. It is so mindless and distracting.
  • My feet have grown, but I do not want to part with my amazing lifetime cowboy boot collection. I am letting go, slowly, but it makes me sad.
  • I found a bunch of notes and letters and journals from high school in the basement, and I threw them all away after re-reading only two. Because, really, who needs to be brought back to high school, if even for an afternoon?
  • I am working on a new record! The songs are old (to me) at this point because I have not created anything new in ages because I had a baby who was then a toddler who was then a preschooler and I don't know how to balance art and motherhood. But I am excited to finish this record and tour it and make room in my head to create something new. (Can I play a house concert for you next summer/fall, please? Seriously. It'll be fun. Email me. Let's work this out.)
  • I still have culture shock, though I have been back in Kentucky THREE YEARS today. Even though I love Louisville and my family and friends, I really wish I could convince them that we should all move to Scotland. Remember, remember.

    Here is a new photo, by Joseph Mays of Alien Twilight Photography. I had some new pictures taken last week, before I decided to eat all of the holiday cookies, and I'm so glad I did. Joe is a huge talent, and I'm amazed by all of the images he sent. Here's one of my favorites:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New video of The Birdies + cute picture of the Wee Boy.

It's The Birdies! Here's a quick montage of some songs we sang at the Outskirts Festival last month. We've got our electric band here. I think we are bringing a toned-down version (acoustic guitar, Dennis?) for our Tuesday, December 8, appearance at the Library. Check back for details on that, but I'm pretty sure it's a free and public and all ages show and starts at, like, 5 or 5:30pm. We are adding some holiday tunes to the repertoire. I wonder if it's possible to 1940s-a-fy "Mazel Tonk" because, let me tell you, there sure aren't many vintage Hanukkah songs floating around out there.

Also, it would be super sweet if you could "like" The Birdies' Facebook page because, oddly enough, the number of "likes" actually matters to venues and promoters and immigration workers who grant work visas for international tours.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. The Wee Boy was a Wizard for his preschool parade, but then he switched to his dragon costume for trick-or-treating. I kind of wish he would wear a costume every day of the week because isn't that what every 3-year-old should do?