This week's signature cocktail: Strawberry Blood Orange Delight aka Vodka Sangre

My husband's genius knows no bounds. This week he created a cocktail based off my favorite vacation-drink: the San Pellegrino Blood Orange sparkling beverage. We had houseguests last week, and they left four unopened San Pellegrinos in our refrigerator, which was basically like winning the lottery. I don't know why I don't ever buy them when I'm home. It's pretty much my go-to non-alcoholic beverage treat on the road.

David went one step beyond, however, and went from the best non-alcoholic drink to the the most magical tastilicious summer cocktail ever:

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The "Vodka Sangre"

to make one:

3-4 strawberries, blended
1.5 oz vodka
Blood Orange San Pellegrino
dash of lime

It's easy to substitute gin or rum for the vodka, of course, but then you'll have to change the name to: Gin Sangre or Rum Sangre, which doesn't have quite the same chilling effect.


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