The Birdies gig & some great photos.

I have been a bit out of sorts lately -- though nothing compared to some -- but I managed to have a spectacular weekend of music and friends. The Birdies had their/our debut appearance at the official LOVEWINS Victory Party, complete with ACLU lawyers, Supreme Court arguers, plaintiffs in the historic case, and some really delicious bite-size Derby pies. I played some background music with my band, and then the Birdies kicked off the celebrations with "Chapel of Love" (oh yes we did!), ending our portion of the evening (and beginning some tearjerker speeches) with "The Star Spangled Banner." Because we're either that daring or that dumb to sing an a cappella version of the hardest song ever to sing on our insanely high-profile first gig.

It doesn't hurt that we're all long-time pros of song and stage. Our 1940s-ish setlist is fun and full of tight harmonies, but also surprisingly rockin' dance music. We are having a blast with it. 
(Book us for your event: we've already booked two Holiday Parties and two festivals just in the past week!)

Here are some spectacular photos of the occasion, captured by the phenomenally talented Joseph Mays of Alien Twilight Photography: