UK Tour -- Manor House, Castle Gardens, Labradors and Tea. Filey.

UK Tour Day 1 - Goodbyes, Airport Lounges, G&Ts, and Hello, Edinburgh!

Packing, leaving, aaaah! Plus super fun trailer for our tour by Lady Diana.

A list of things I'm going to buy in Scotland.

Treasures from the 1956 World Book encyclopedia.

On giving things up...

The death of my e-reader. Woe is me.

Hearts full of love. Family photos swoon!

Sold out UK show whoo hoo! And funny story about the Wee Boy.

On leaving the Wee Boy for 2 weeks ... and we're still nursing.

What a musician needs to tour in the UK. + Louisville & Edinburgh shows.

Crazy car-free people.

Budgeting. Meal Planning. And moratorium on all your family!

Burns Supper Wrap-Up. Delicious vegetarian haggis recipe and Vegetarian Haggis Shepherd's Pie.