Tweets from the Past Week

On losing things.

Why I Do Not Like the Liberty Bell

Rules of the Road™, Part One

I'm not graceful. Also, I'm playing WV and PA.

A theory on S.A.D.

Mid-winter reading has come early this season.

Playing music with friends tonight!

Princess Movies as a Genre

The First Crazy Night!

Nashville, Tour Buses, Show Friday, Dreidels.

Strings and Ceiling* Wax and other fancy stuff.

Nor am I a hostess.

I am not Sporty Spice.

Wish Lists, Chanukah, Led Zep winner...

Sideman duties and Led Zep at KCA giveaway

J-Bieber on the musical saw.

How I found the good side of Nashville

Hemingway, publicists, croissants, and Actors Theatre.

Cooking in the Metric System.

Soup Season. I'm in.

Fun video, upcoming shows you should see.

Paris, cemeteries, Morrison v. Chopin.

Greetings from Scotland!

John Prine, First concerts, and Tic Tacs

Recording, Packing, Making lists!

WoodSongs Video

Am I turning into a grown-up?

Scotland, Paris, and adventures.

Lessons from DIY and manual labor.

Chuy's in Louisville ... now I don't have to move to Texas.

Floors, Music, Rumours, Love Jones, Scotland.

Busy busy busy ... and donations.

Stealing a Rollover. 199999...200000!!!

Rehearsals, thirds, and elevenths.

Work-Life Balance vs. Fleetwood Mac-Love Jones Balance.

Why we do this crazy stuff...

Thanks for the award, friends.

My dreams fulfilled. Thank you, KitchenAid.

Housekeepers, interns, and coffee.

Stay in bed and read? Or work? Hmmmm...

Video of live show.

How do you organize your books?

Sprankles and wankles and pancakes.

Zombies, DIY projects, and Art.

Back in Nashville.

The unoffical last day of summer.