Friday, April 2, 2010

My longing for a kitchen appliance.

I have an inexplicable fascination with the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. I often refer to it as the "married mixer" because I think the only way a person can ever actually own one is if a rich relative buys it off a wedding registry. They are almost always over $300, and that isn't even with an array of attachments.

Believe me, if you own one of these, and I've been to your house, then I've caressed it lovingly and fondled its accessories. I've wondered if you own the pasta roller attachment or if you use the mixer to make cookies or bread. I've wondered if you just push start and walk away or if you stare in wonder as the magic is being performed. I've wondered if you secretly have enough cabinet space to store the stand mixer and you just like to keep it out in the open as a status symbol, or if it truly is too large to be put away. Or if perhaps, like me, you too like to just look at the wondrous beast of an appliance.

Anyway, I've had one in my Amazon Wish List for ages, but as they cost more than an iPhone, I don't honestly expect it as a gift. Today, however, I got an email from Amazon letting me know that KitchenAid Stand mixers are currently 30% off, and I've never been so close to hitting the "one-click purchase" button with "Free shipping." Thankfully, I remembered that all this homemade bread, cracker, and tortilla making wouldn't truly be cost-saving if I spent $300 on a mixer. So I'm just going to hold off until I win PowerBall.

Do you own a Stand Mixer? What color? (I want a red one. Duh.) What's your favorite attachment?


  1. I have the lavender one. I didn't get it off a wedding registry, but it was a gift. I don't have any fancy attachments, but it does make bread kneading a snap. This summer I might bite the bullet and buy the ice cream maker attachment because I'm dying to make homemade ice cream.

  2. I have a black one that goes with my black & stainless steel theme. It is the best! I have the meat grinder add on, makes the best country ham salad. Sorry, I know that is not your thing.
    I also went for the blender which is the best I have ever owned, the hand mixer and then I went nuts and bought the side by side fridge. I am in cooking heaven.

  3. I was just watching the videos of various attachments .... mind-blowing!

  4. Facebook comments

    Understand Brigid, I "want" The Proline 600..... it's gonna be a while ;) FTR.. ebay has some great deals. but everybody wants one!
    Fri at 10:33am ·

    Brigid Kaelin
    Isn't that the truth? I also want a Roland Midi Accordion and a new keyboard. Hmpf. At least those would be tax deductible ... i can't justify a mixer.

    Michelle j
    I own one and absolutely love it. I take my baking seriously and this certainly helps. I don't have a favorite attachment as I mostly use either the whisk or the paddle. However my favorite accessory is the 3 quart bowl. The standard bowl is a bit too large for some jobs (a small amount of whipped cream for example) and the 3 quart bowl handles it nicely.

    Brian s
    I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and regularly make cookies with it. I got it for Christmas one year from my then wife. I made sure I got it in the divorce. It is better than a wife.

    Kelly m
    White. And I leave it out to show it off :)

    Carrie g
    Check it out girl...

    Bille c
    they rule.....get the ice cream maker and meat grinder attachments

    Gretchen Elizabeth m
    I have one it's black, the only accesory I don't have is the pasta maker! I use the cheese grater all the time! If u want to come over and bake a cake or bread, juice some oranges, grate cheese or make sausage you are more than welcome! I looked at them longingly for 4 years until my lucky Xmas... I understand your pain

  5. more FB comments

    Lisa E
    My Kitchen Aid (classic, not the cool artisan) was a combo birthday - christmas gift from my ex-husband. When we split up, I really didn't want anything from the house that he had bought for me, so I left it behind. 6 months later, I retrieved it. I don't bake as often as I would like, but when I do, there is nothing like it.....hmmm....whole wheat bread is now calling my name....

    Josh D
    I don't know if we have the artisan or the regular ... but lyzz uses ours like it's going out of style. Red ... and we leave it out to show off.

    Erin B
    Brigid, you should get one! I think the stores really push certain things as "wedding gifts" that are not very realistic. No one gets the mixer when they get married, or any of the high end fancy things that the sales people tell you that your family members will buy you! We bought our own Artisan (the 375 in cobalt), but the motor was not very ... See Morepowerful, and it wore out in about two years. We've now had the Professional (in Red!) for six years and love it. Bed Bath and Beyond are really good about replacing things that break, so they applied the price of the Artisan to the Professional. I have known a couple other people who have blown out the Artisan, so I think it's a good investment to go with the more powerful motor. If you decide to delay the Amazon purchase, hang on to one of those 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons that come in the mail. We use ours more than we ever thought we would, for things like mayonaise and salad dressings, bake often because it comes together so quickly, and Troy loves the meat grinder, but prefers to crank his pasta by hand. It was one of the first "grown up" things we bought, and it was thrilling! I can't wait to hear about yours, girl!

    Evie G
    THEY'RE AMAZING!! BUY ONE!!! The copper ones are the best I think, but they may be more expensive. Have you considered just stealing one?

    Brigid Kaelin
    See, this makes me think i SHOULD buy one. I think I was secretly hoping that everyone who owns one never uses it. But since they are clearly the best things in the world ... hmmmm ... pay my taxes? Or buy a mixer...

    Joe M
    A friend of mine has one of those, and swears it's the best kitchen thing he's ever bought. We like to tease him that the lights dim in his neighborhood when he turns it on.

    Andrea S
    go to the store now and get one--i use it every week!

    Tammy H
    hmmm, brian, i got one as a gift from my now ex........but he took it out of the house before the divorce. puts the J in JERK!!!! Plus he ruined good glass bowls by using it in them because he was too lazy to wash the bowl you are supposed to use.....

    Lyzz f
    Josh, Brigid knows well and good about our red mixer. She made advances toward it while they were here. It's currently through therapy...