Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dirty foreheads, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Giving it up.

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Last night was Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday, for those who do not parles le français), which means today is Ash Wednesday. These two days are connected. They are also connected to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Apparently, these days are also connected to ... wait for it ... Easter Sunday.

This is something I didn't understand until college, when my roommate came home one afternoon with dirt on her forehead. I thought I was being polite when I pointed out that she should probably look in the mirror. There's nothing worse than noticing you've got spinach in your teeth after sitting through an entire meal with someone, except maybe going through your entire day with a dirty forehead.

Am I embarrassing my parents here when I say that, until college when I had to read the Bible for a philosophy class, most of my biblical history came from Jesus Christ Superstar? And asking those four questions at Passover? And wondering why my cousin Nicole got to stay up until way past midnight on Christmas Eve because of something called "mass," but I had to go to sleep?

I also thought Passover and Easter were the same thing. We had matzoh with my mom's family and ham sandwiches with my dad's. Just like some people eat Turkey on Thanksgiving and others eat Tofurkey. It was a matter of The Highlands versus South Preston. A matter of geography, not religion.

I wonder if it was my obstinate nature that prevented my parents and I from ever talking about religion, or if it was just that they chose to not influence my own ideas. Really, all this flitting from Kosher hot dogs to ham sandwiches (one time, in middle school, I was keeping Kosher for Passover, and I made a matzoh ham sandwich. Doh!), just made me think that all those religions were the same. But some people preferred to get church out of the way on Saturday and sleep late on Sunday. Isn't it all about hanging out with friends and being a nice person?

By the way, do Monday and Saturday ever get an adjective?

Sorry for the religious post.

I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do for Lent this year. I've never participated in Lent before, but several of my friends are. Rather than giving anything up, however, these folks challenge themselves to do a particular thing for 40 days. A few years ago, they wrote a daily haiku. (My favorite was: Fattest man on earth/ Why are you sitting by me/ Flotation device.)
This year they are taking one photograph everyday and having an art show at the end.

I have two thoughts. Either I am going to join Team Photography. Or I'm going to try an entire 40 Days of: Things I've Never Done Before. I did this and blogged about it back in July, and it was a blast.

Today I already did something new: I did a cartwheel while on a walk this morning, at the intersection of Bardstown Road and Taylorsville Road. I'm still picking the gravel out of my hand, but it was fun.

Thoughts? Looking for my camera now...

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