Friday, February 6, 2009

Career Change for Brigid. And a show tonight.

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I have one more show tonight, and then I'm going to become a plumber.

My new favorite tool is the monkey wrench. It was previously the Pampered Chef Jar Opener. The tools are really quite similar -- both appropriate for those of us with arthritic genes, unable to open jars or pipes.

Really, I'm a natural at this whole plumbing thing. (The p-trap hadn't frozen, or if it had, Friend-with-a-Smart-Car had used a hair drier to thaw it.) The drain was clogged, but I calmly and easily used that monkey wrench to remove the trap. I even remembered to put a bucket underneath the sink to catch the waterfall of stinky pipe water (or SPW as those of us in the biz call it). It all happened so fast, I was almost disappointed. I wanted to go downstairs and undo the kitchen sink.

Call me if you have a clogged sink. I'm really really good, folks, really good.

In other news, my car is still stuck on the ice where I parked on Sunday night. Several people have tried to dislodge it, but the Volvo seems happy in its current location. I hope the ice melts today though because I have to play this one last show before I become a plumber.

If you'd like to see the retirement show, the details are below. It's a Brown Forman sponsored event, and I think my band is supposed be background music to a cocktail party or something. That is unfortunate for them because I know my limitations. And I know that I am not good at being in the background. I'm a redhead. And a Leo. And I play the freakin' accordion. I don't think Muzak is in my future. Oh well.

Location: Speed Art Museum
Address: 2035 S. Third St
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
Phone: 502.634.2700
Price: Admission is $10, free to members

Description: Join us as we
celebrate Mardi Gras with the live music of Brigid Kaelin, fortune
tellers, 2oz tastings of Southern Comfort cocktails for $2, and
complimentary food samplings by Liquor Barn. Admission is free to
members, $10 for non-members. Door will open at 5:30 for this event.
Parking is available in the Speed garage for $3.

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