Circus Class and a Juggling Injury

21 days.

Dirty foreheads, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Giving it up.

Evangelical runners.

Cap and goggles: check.

Week-in-Review (2.22)

Bourbon Barrel Mead and Scribes.

25 Things about Me.

How should my garden grow?

Soup from the tribe.

Dinosaurs, doctors, and deductibles, oh my!

Squeezebox the Conquerer. (And discount concert tickets)

Week-in-Review (2.15)

Dull as a Rock-Field Hoe. And two lead singers get into a fight.

Wherein Brigid gets excited about a show in September.

Land o' Lincoln Lyrics.

Performance Enhancement.

Why I prefer herbal medicine.

The New Depression.

Week-in-Review (2-8-9)

Pancakes and a new game.

Career Change for Brigid. And a show tonight.

The Monkey Wrench and its usefulness.

The many talents of P-Searcy. (sort of like P-Diddy)

My high school journal.

Still no heat, but all's well in my world.