Saturday, January 27, 2007

So you're reading this, eh?

So you're reading this, eh?
Current mood: cheerful
It just occurred to me that a lot of you out there are reading my blog, and I suddenly feel guilty that i haven't written in a while.

I'm curious who is out there reading... is it Nashville Star fans wondering if i am dishing out dirt on the contestants i know from the show? (i don't know much, other than Meg and Tim were great at regionals. and i think Angela is kicking butt on the show. and i think Zach Hacker should just go ahead and become "Zacker." But enough about Nashville Star....)

Instead, i think i'll just babble about things that are on my mind.

I played a show at Uncle Pleasant's on Saturday night with two fabulous songsters ... Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. It was one of those great Louisville nights with an appreciative audience, listening to the words, and focusing on the stage. Gotta love that. I had this blue dress on that i'm not quite sure about. I got mixed reviews, but it was fun playing dress-up anyway.

I'm going down to Nashville tomorrow because i need to start doing that. Anyone doing anything fun in the vicinity? I"ll be back down there again on Friday i think.

This Actors Theatre show that i'm Musical Directing has me spending every ounce of free time in rehearsals. They are actually really fun; this always surprises me. I forget that actors love to rehearse, and musicians love to "wing it." Actors probably know better. The show opens on March 23, and i highly recommend it.

I have also been given the task of making a wish list of musicians with whom i would like to share a bill. Any thoughts? My instincts are: Tom Waits, John Prine, etc... should i be aiming lower? any suggestions?

What i really need is a live-in intern. Surely there is some Music Business or Arts Admin major out there who needs a place to stay in return for doing things like ... booking shows, updating press kits, going to the post office (i have 4 packages just sitting by the door that i can't seem to find the time to mail), maybe occasionally picking up my dry cleaning or running the dog around the block, but mostly just going to shows with me and maybe selling merchandise? Perhaps the occasional trip to Nashville? I've got a nice room with your name on it if this is for you.

What else would i like? I would like to go out dancing with someone who actually knows how to dance. Not someone who just twirls me around in the awkward 7th-grade-perfect-attendance-dance kind of way. Lead me, baby!

what else? To dispel the rumor mill once and for all: NO, i am NOT married. Louisville is such a small town. these rumors spread quickly.

My dog Guinness is getting fat. But this is my fault for leaving nachos within his reach. And for failing to take him on a sufficient walk each day (intern, where art thou?).

I had Spanish club tonight. It is obvious i have forgotten mucho vocabulario.

Enough. Surely you don't care about this stuff?