Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Book reading by Silas House! So fun.

Book alert! I am a book-fanatic. I particularly love novels, and the amazing Silas House has a new novel out called Southernmost. You should buy it. He did a reading last night, featuring music by the wonderful singers Joan Shelley and Daniel Martin Moore. It was a perfect event -- short, sweet, inspiring, beautiful. I also loved the space, as I adore events held in unusual locations: the Crescent Hill Baptist church provided perfect acoustics and plenty of space. I'm hoping Silas is not still there signing books (the line was hundreds deep when I left!). Happy book tour to you!

Try to support your local bookstore if you have the opportunity. (Carmichael's in Louisville!) But no matter what, support Silas! The artists are everything.

I loved hearing about the dogs, and the namesake of the dog mentioned in Chapter One (Roscoe) may or may my boys' God-Dog -- yes, that Roscoe and his owners get our boys if something ever happens to me and David. Our wee connection to literary history, my friends.

The photo being taken from the stage is on Silas's instragram page!

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