Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wanderlust and ER visits are mutually exclusive.

I have The Wanderlust again. As usual, I don't want to go just anywhere. I want to go to Europe. You see, I'd rather hibernate for months at a time, cooking dinners at home, hoarding my pennies, taking public transportation rather than spend the money on a car payment & insurance, all for the benefit of Europe at least once a year. I don't need professional haircuts or Thai takeout. I don't need the dollar aisle at Target or weekly date nights. I don't need a yoga studio or Halloween decorations or the Anthropologie bedding that I drool over. 

I don't even need a business class ticket. I don't need a fancy hotel. I just need a plane ticket and a couch. A wander around some cobblestones. A view of a castle. Enough local currency for a crepe and some wifi. 

Yes, I totally get how entitled it still sounds. But... consider a plane ticket my therapy. It's cheaper than therapy, for sure, considering our shameful health care system.

Anyway, no Europe for me anytime soon. We've got some road trip travel plans, but nothing to satiate my castle cravings. It also INFURIATES me that I have spent enough on emergency room visits in the past month to buy three round trip tickets to Europe. No surgeries -- nothing beyond IV antibiotics and close monitoring. Still: thousands. Dollars, not pennies.

Then, and rightly so, I get to feeling all guilty because my trips to the ER mean that I don't get to go to Europe. Many people's trips to the ER mean they don't get to eat. 

And then I get the urge to buy a one-way ticket instead.


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