Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rehearsing The Birdies and my mad Homemaking Skillz.

I've got a new musical project THE BIRDIES (click on our Facebook page or Twitter right now, then come back and read!) making its public debut on Saturday at the Marriage Equality Victory Party. In preparation for this high-profile event, Laura and Su and I have been rehearsing quite a bit. The tight harmonies require a little more attention to detail than I've had to worry about, and it takes me back to my days in Atherton's Chamber Singers. Though the music is totally different, the harmonies are close and beautiful.

We have been rehearsing at my house, and the other women work fairly normal-hour day jobs (as opposed to my bizarre teach-all-over-the-place work). Because we rehearse at 6pm, I have been in charge of feeding The Birdies.

This works out perfectly for me because of my recent obsession with TheFresh20. The meal plans serve four, but it's mostly just me and the Wee Boy who have been trying to eat them. Having two extra adults in the house means family dinner!

Also, it means Laura and Su are supremely impressed by my homemaking skillz. On Monday, I even pulled out the large silver platter on which to serve the tortilla bowls because, I mean, why save the good dishes for when the Queen visits? To top it off, yesterday, these words came out of my mouth: I had an extra gluten-free pie crust, so I whipped up a quiche.

Granted, I immediately qualified it with: It might be terrible because I made up the recipe, and I've only ever made one other quiche in my life.*

Still, considering two of my best friends, Colleen and Carrie, can make my hostessing attempts look like a fraternity house, it felt rather nice to be able to serve guests a well-balanced home-cooked meal. (Seriously, I go to Carrie's, and she's like, "Here, I have assorted cheeses, and how about a glass of champagne?" and Colleen is, like, "Look, I just baked a cake and here are some napkins folded like a swan." Okay, I'm slightly exaggerating, but still, they amazingly impressive.)

Something I also said: I've got some parfaits in the fridge
if we need something sweet.
WHO AM I?! (Yogurt, nectarines, honey, pecans.)
Anyway, I've come to enjoy rehearsals in a way I've never really enjoyed rehearsing before. Maybe it's because the music is more challenging, maybe it's because I've wanted to work with these two talented women for 10+ years, or maybe it's just because I've been so isolated on the homefront with my Wee Boy that I'm just over-the-moon to have friends come over to my house.

Whatever the reason, I'm going to keep cooking and always having limes available for G&Ts.

Now to figure out what the weekend's signature cocktail should be. I'm thinking something with either mint (because I have a hundred cubic yards of mint in the garden) or champagne because it's Bastille Day soon.

*Update: the quiche is good. I had it for breakfast. Because I'm so prepared and meal-planned, like that.

Booking The Birdies:
We've already got several private events booked, including two December Holiday parties! Think about if you need a 1940s trio to make an appearance at your Holiday event. We can bring a band or sing to recorded music, and, yes, of course we know "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."

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