Thursday, June 25, 2015

Louisville show tonight and on seeing a MOVIE!

This is one of those days where the babysitter will make more than I will. Ah, America! But that is my one and only complaint -- and it's really more of a funny observation than a whinge, I assure you.

First up, business:

Tonight I'm playing at Decca, in the NULU area of Louisville. The event is organized by Mama's Hip, designed as a once-a-month Moms' Night Out -- giving mamas in the community a chance to get together and have an excuse to get out of the house, have a cocktail, a good time and adult conversation. But it's not exactly a private event, so you can come too! It's free. There will be a signature cocktail, and portions of the drink special proceeds will go to Mama to Mama.

I'll be playing a band show, but changing up the lineup a bit just for fun.

Enough business!

Yesterday my buddy Peter Searcy called me and invited me to a movie. I was afraid he'd given up on me, in one of those Brigid-had-a-kid-and-now-I-never-see-her-anymore kind of situations. Shockingly, I had already hired a babysitter because I had about 14 loads of laundry and several hours of business work to do. This time I listened to the voice in my head that said, "Sod the work -- go to the movies!" And I did. Can you believe it?

We saw JAWS -- the 40th anniversary remastering or something to that effect. Peter is shark-crazy, and he regaled me with all sorts of Jaws trivia. I hadn't seen the movie since I was a kid, which was kind of cool because I didn't remember most of it. Still, I'm not sure why I paid $10 to be scared for two hours. I think I'd rather watch a bad romantic comedy. But at least the music is good -- Minor 2nd anyway? #musicnerdjoke

Okay. Lookie there, if I hire a babysitter, I can write a blog. Was it worth it? Hmmmmm....

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