Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tour video diary -- Filey, North Sea, Chip Butties, High winds.

I'm home! But I'm going to continue to inundate you with images from my tour. Next time I need to bring along a social media person whose entire job is to post our silly videos online. I don't know why it's so complicated to upload the videos, but I never seem to have strong enough wifi on the days I actually have something to upload.

Here's a video of a morning in Filey.

I'm still riding this tour high. All but one of our shows was sold out. Seriously, people, sold out to capacity! Standing room only! It's amazing the reception the traveling troubadour can get, and it makes me want to play and travel all the time. I only wish I could afford to bring along a nanny and my wee boy. Till next time...

Here's a link to some great candid photos taken by photographer Stuart in Perthshire (Stu-Art Media and Event Photography:

Louisville, I'll be at the Monkey Wrench on Saturday around 6:00, maybe 6:30 depending on the basketball game schedule, playing with Steve Cooley and Larry Raley. Larry will sing some, I'll sing some, maybe even Steve will sing some!

The rest of you -- let me know if you've got a castle I can sing in:)

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