Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sold out UK show whoo hoo! And funny story about the Wee Boy.

Back to the UK tour! (But a funny story about the Wee Boy near the end ... read on!) My Bournemouth show is SOLD OUT! How cool is that? People always ask me why I stopped touring in the US and focused only on Europe ... well, that's why. That and obscenely long drives between shows in America. And how people talk non-stop through shows, when they are nice and respectful abroad ... but I digress. I have my official work permit ready to go (and am minus several hundred dollars in my pocket, but oh well), and I leave in two weeks. Yikes.

If you're in the United Kingdom, and you'd like to come to one of my shows, here are some details on a few of them. Message me if you're interested in Bristol for 2nd of March -- it's a private house concert, but I bet I can get you in:)

Filey. 27th of February. Filey Library.
Message me for tickets. Details here.

London. 3rd of March. Harrison Bar in Kings Cross.
Facebook Event:
Buy tickets here:
Come on, London ... I haven't played in you since 2008. Let's do this!

Perth. 6th of March. Cyprus Inn. Facebook event.
More details on this Facebook page, as well as RSVPs.

Edinburgh. 7th of March. House Concert. But not just any house concert -- the super cool and super secret house concert series that you may have heard about. Email me or Diana for details on it, so that we can include you on our RSVP list. The flat-owners require a list, as it's a private home with limited space. But you're invited! Please come and please RSVP:)

Make your plans now -- and please please please come? One show sold out relieves some anxiety, but I'd love to know I'll have crowds for the others!

Cheerio, my friends.

Oh wait ... super cute Wee Boy story. I took him to the movies today for the first time, and we saw one of his friends from preschool. He 1) asked to sit next to her 2) offered her some of his popcorn and 3) asked to hold her hand. She was cool with 1 & 2, but declined the hand-holding ... we had a nice "no means no" convo, and he was very understanding. But SWOON, what a sweetie. Almost as good as the time he offered to buy not one, but TWO women drinks at Dundee in the same night...

Cute wee boy photo of the day!

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