Friday, February 20, 2015

A list of things I'm going to buy in Scotland.

It's freezing in my house. Like, literally 0*Celsius inside. Our furnace is busted at the moment. I took my kiddo to preschool bright and early and then took my good guitar up to Heine Brothers, where I'm currently warming my typing fingers with a latte and heat.

But don't pity me, people. Life is good. I'm going to Scotland next week! I've been making a mental list of all the things I need to collect while I'm there ... and today I'm going to write it down for myself you.

Napiers the Herbalists fancy potions and lotions.
 Napiers is a perfectly charming potions store. Go ahead and picture Diagon Alley because it might as well be. I'm going to pick up a tube of my favorite SPF face lotion (Belif brand) and some of the Napiers brand eye cream called "eyebright." I'm not sure that it does anything for the bags under my eyes, but it was always £4-5 and made me feel like I'm doing something in the way of skin preservation. I can't find it on their website -- unless they've repackaged and tripled the price == so this calls for a visit to the shop, where I'm sure I'll be lured in by essential oils and other potions. Luxury!

Clippers Earl Grey
I'm going to bring an extra suitcase to take home ALL the tea I can fit. This is the tea of the aristocracy (I have firsthand knowledge!). It's also completely amazing. My wonderful neighbor special-ordered some for me for Christmas, and it is time to restock.

Cars and trains for my kiddo
Special British hot wheels ... like black taxi cabs and double-decker buses! And special UK edition Thomas the Tank Engine trains.

A Sherlock Holmes Hat
I know, I know. It's a foolish tourist thing. But I had a hat like this that I just adored, and I lost it several years ago while out hanging up posters in Louisville,

Something from Ness
For someone who doesn't love purses or preppy styles, I sure do love this preppy store. All the tweeds made into adorable purses, wallets, coinpurses, and more. I love browsing this shop.

All the Cadbury
No explanation required.

Alexander McCall Smith novel souvenir stuff from Old Town Context
Old Town Context is one of my favorite shops in Edinburgh. This time I shall bring home touristy souvenirs like tea towels featuring drawings from 44 Scotland Street.

A new kilt for the Wee BoyHe's on the verge of outgrowing his 2T kilt ... time to get him a bigger one. A Scottish boy shall not be without a proper kilt.

Literature on Fettes College
The Wee Boy will be attending Fettes College one day, if only because he absolutely must wear those adorable uniforms and also, where else will he learn transfiguration?

Nurofen and Paracetemol (with codeine)
Over-the-counter British pain relief just works better. Also, it's only, like, 30 cents.

And of course ... Scottish whisky!


  1. see you soon,can't wait. best get in touch with napiers & get them to make up some eyebright! fi x

    1. What's your day like on Thursday the 26th?? I've got rehearsals in the early morning and then the afternoon ... but have a bit of free time for a couple of hours around 11:30 i think?