Friday, January 30, 2015

Ugh, I need all new shoes. Arrrrgh!!!

My feet have grown. I've never had good feet -- they are absurdly wide, so even though my length was a 6.5, I'd have to wear a 7.5-8 in order to find shoes that didn't squeeze my little toe to death. I used to daydream about having absurd elective surgery that would chop off my little toe, so I'd have normal-sized feet. Anyway, since I got pregnant with the Wee Boy and birthed him, I can officially say that I now straight up wear an 8. Sometimes even an 8.5. No, my size 7EEEE (that's quadE) shoes are still too narrow for my boxy feet.

I don't have a shoe fetish. In fact, I was pretty pleased that I already owned most of the shoes I ever really needed. But now ... sigh. I am going to have to start collecting not just sneakers and fancy shoes, but new cowboy boots. I see a trip to Nashville in my future. Or at least Zappos. 

Babies. Sheesh. 

Next week I promise some more deep and thoughtful blogs. Or at least, I'll give you a wrap-up of my Burns Supper menu. I finally found a delicious vegetarian haggis recipe, and I can't wait to share it with you. 

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