Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More hilarious things the wee boy has said. Also, cookies.

Some of my friends have kept glorious leather-bound journals full of letters to their children while they were in the womb, actual printed photographs (not just hopefully stored on The Cloud), and a long list of hilarious things their kiddos have said. I am not so organized, so I am using this blog for that purpose.
Today I bring you some hilarious things the Wee Boy has said lately. He just turned two.

Nov. 9, 2014
"I love you so much, mommy. I need you to stay here, so I can cuddle with your armpit."

Nov.11, 2014
Doctor (in super baby-talk voice): I'm going to listen to your heart. Do you know where your heart is?
Wee Boy: (blank stare)
Doctor: (points to the boy's knee) Is this your heart?
Wee Boy: No, silly, that's my patella.
Nov 19, 2014
Wee Boy: Oh, mommy, you're sick. Your voice is very bad. You need a hot toddy. 

Dec 3, 2014
By the way, come to this show tonight! This little cutie
will be there. It's free. And I'm bringing cookies. Wear
your ugly sweaters if you like:)
"I'm sick." (Fake cough, fake cough) "I'm too sick to go to preschool. I have to stay in my Spider-man pajamas all day. Without socks. I will not wear socks. I'm too sick to wear socks." (Fake cough fake cough)

Also, in general, he is really into fake snoring, which, if you know me, I think is the world's most hilarious thing even when it's not my wee boy doing it. But when it is ... oh my goodness, it slays me!

My belly hurts because i just baked 75 amazing chocolate chip cookies, all of which I'm bringing to my free show tonight at Great Flood Brewing Company. Come hear me sing with my good friends Dan Canon and Steve Cooley.

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