Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My favorite new medical office (outside of Scotland).

My new favorite place: The Little Clinic at Kroger.

I love it because it's cheap, easy, quick, convenient, and effective. But I also love it because it reminds me of life in Scotland.

Ah, Scotland's NHS... The house calls! midwives on bicycles! same-day service! free to all! I think my favorite part of all, however, was the sense of community. You see, I was free to register with any doctor I chose, so I, obviously, chose the doctors in my neighborhood. I would pop up the street when I was ill, wandering through the cobblestone streets by India Place and Circus Place (see photo!). So charming.

The Little Clinic isn't quite so charming, but it's just as effective. And isn't that what we want in a medical visit anyway? Outcomes? Health? We don't need to see the world's most preeminent ear canal researcher in order to prescribe antibiotics for a bad ear infection. We need someone with enough training to diagnose. It helps when said person is also kind and a fast-worker.

I, someone who rarely ever goes to the doctor, actually went to the Little Clinic on Sunday (they are open on Sundays!). Part of me regrets it because the diagnosis was "pharyngitis," which 1) I already knew I had, and 2) there's nothing to be done about it besides rest and hydration. But I'm also super glad I actually went to a medical office for myself -- I'm pretty sure I've only done that one other time in my adult life because it's so hard to get a same-day appointment if you're sick, not to mention how long you have to wait here, etc, etc. I'm going to stop talking now because I'm just getting all uptight about our wonky medical system in the US.

Anyway, long live the Little Clinic in Kroger! I'm glad you're there. I feel like I live in a real community when I can walk to the doctor/nurse practitioner's office. Also, I'm glad you're not a Starbucks (except now I want one of those red holiday cups).

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