Friday, September 12, 2014

Baking with the boy.

Earlier this week I wrote a really snarky and angry blog, and then I did not hit publish. Impressed? I am. The world has enough snark and anger these days -- especially these days when we are quick to comment, like, attack, etc. Anyhoo, it was just a whingy post about how some of my friends seem to think I don't work for a living, which is infuriating on many levels because it's amazing that some people don't understand that "music" is actually a career for me -- whether it be teaching music or playing music. But whatever, I'll just listen to that new Taylor Swift song and think how many more haters she has than I do...  Hmmmm, I guess I just snarked a little after all. Forgive me.

Today I am basking in the fun, exciting thing that is BAKING WITH MY CHILD!

I'm baking him his first birthday cake. Well, technically it's his 2nd birthday, but I didn't make last year's cake, so it's his first cake made by me. And I am soooooooo excited about it. I'm not Pinterest-crazy -- well, let's remember that I am not a detail person, so anything I may attempt is more likely to end up on Pinterest Fail -- but I'm just super excited about making baked goods for a little boy who loves baking things with his mommy.

Yesterday, all of my appointments were canceled (full moon, happens every month) and rather than growl about all the lost income, I decided to bake. I know you shouldn't eat away your troubles, but you can bake them away, right?

Here is The Wee Boy experiencing the joy that is licking the batter off of the mixer:

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