Monday, March 17, 2014

Adventure is heading my way.

I've been trying to give myself a break from social media. Y'all are all crazy. Well, maybe not you, but social media is making me a little crazy. The one big moms' group I stayed with has taken a turn for the dramatic, the passive aggressive, and the sanctimommy. I keep taking the Facebook app off of my phone in an effort to preserve my sanity, then I end up re-adding it because I need to promote a gig or find someone's address that's embedded in a Facebook message. I'm much happier when I'm not available 24/7.

David has been traveling nonstop for work (weekends too), so I've been flying solo for a while. I won't pretend to understand the struggle of single parents, but still -- it's hard not to be able to clock out.

Packing is my specialty...
Tomorrow afternoon, however, I am leaving the country. Assuming I don't have a massive panic attack during the flight (Malaysia, anyone?!), it'll be just the change of scenery I need. Notice I don't say it'll be relaxing (a solo trip with an 18-month-old?). You all know by now that I prefer my vacations to be whirlwind adventures full of 10-mile walks through historic cities. The beach doesn't recharge me like Amsterdam or Edinburgh.

Speaking of which -- I haven't even told you where I'm going! It's true, I'm off to Scotland for a bit, but I'm making a detour first. Maybe I'll send you a postcard if you guess...

I must brag again about my packing skills though. I've got everything for the two of us for a month crammed into a single carry-on suitcase -- no vacuum bags even necessary. And I even had room to bring a few gifts for a friend. What I obviously am not able to brag about, however, is my ability to write a super helpful blog about how to pack for a month in Europe for just you and a toddler in one carry-on. It's a long flight, though, so I'll get back to you.

For now, here's my #2 packing tip: Always bring a swimsuit.

(Number one is, of course: all you need is a passport and a credit card.)

P.S. I have about ten housesitters staying at my house, so don't even think about stealing my mail!

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