Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby update: No nesting, just stressing.

Less than five weeks until my due date, and I have seen no signs of "nesting." Unless you count that time I dusted off the whisky shelf a few weeks ago. Also, I still think that puppies are way cuter than babies and that Babies R Us is more terrifying than enlightening. Fortunately, David is not freaking out at my lack of baby talk and fear of pram shopping. He seems to think I'll still be a great mother, even if I don't have my newborn's "going home outfit" laid out and ironed.

Maybe it's because we are living in a one-bedroom flat, and there's no nursery for which we need to choose paint colors and hang mobiles. Maybe it's because I'm annoyed that I won't finish be completing that novel before baby arrives.

Mostly, it's because we've got a lot bigger things to be stressing out about than a clean house and freshly crocheted booties.

Everyone wants to know what our plans are. I don't know. I can tell you that D hands in his dissertation a week before the baby is due, and we're free to move home once this kid gets a passport.

Trouble is, there's no way I'm moving back to America without health insurance. And because of the screwed-up nature of America's health system (or lack of), that means we can't move back until D has a job. (For various reasons, buying a family individual policy is pretty much not an option.) Do you know how hard it is to find a job from four thousand miles away? Talk about pressure on the poor man. A dissertation and a job ... and all because his wife is self-employed.

Fun times, eh? Kind of makes "nesting" low-priority. Also, it reminds me that I'd better request our absentee ballots ASAP ... and get that whisky collection ready for re-entry into the household in T-minus five weeks.

By the way, anyone wanna hire a freshly-minted MBA? I'll brag on him and all the awards he got this year in another post, but mostly for now, I'll tell you he's hard-working and adorable (and currently washing about fifty onesies because his wife hasn't started nesting).


  1. Mmmmm. Whiskey. Adding that to my list of things to consume first week sans internal alien. Don't stress. As long as there is a place for the baby to sleep, the rest will fall into place. I hear France has excellent healthcare...

  2. My baby came 3 weeks early to the day so you might have less time lol I just made sure everything was clean and picked up so I had nothing to do when I came back from the hospital, and we didn't even use a coming home outfit because I didn't much care about getting Jonah dressed all cute, I just wanted out of the hospital1

  3. I have two girls and I didn't nest at all. No biggie, you'll make it work because you have to.