Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jubilee Weekend!

It's Queen Elizabeth I's 60-years-on-the-throne-versary! Now, before you all try to correct me and tell you she's Queen Elizabeth II, not I, let ME be the know-it-all who reminds you that the Queen Elizabeth of the 16th century never ruled over Scotland. And I'm coming to you from Scotland.

Why, then, am I joining the London celebrations if I'm so Scot-centric? Well, the Queen is half-Scottish, so I think it's okay to get really into the Diamond Jubilee. Really, any excuse for a street party is reason enough for for me.

It's not quite the big deal up here as it is down in England, but there have been plenty of festivities. I'm only slightly bummed my original plans to be in London this weekend (for a wedding) fell through. We watched the boat pageant on the telly on Saturday, and our Stockbridge Colonies Street Party was loads of fun.

Street parties here are more like block parties back home -- minus the bouncy castles and funnel cake stands. We joined hundreds of neighbors (the population is dense here!) in a bring-your-own-picnic event while a pipe band played and we all made merry. There was a cake decorating contest, and the kids wore "Fancy Dress" (costumes).

Most of all, we met some neighbors and friends, and were reminded how simple it is to give in to a sense of community. So often, even in the friendly South (or the friendly North as it is in the UK), it seems easiest to walk fast and avoid your neighbors. Silly, I think. It's much easier to feel welcome.

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