Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tour update: Bath and a spa date.

We played Bath, England, about a week ago. For those not familiar, it's a city about 100 miles west of London, that was established by the Romans almost 2000 years ago. The city looks unlike any other in Britain, reminding me more of Italy than England. Most buildings are made of Bath stone, a light honey-colored stone that gives off a friendly glow. It's a beautiful city.

Probably the most attractive thing about the area to the Romans was the natural hot spring -- or rather, hot springs. The only geothermal hot springs in Britain, the water actually has to be cooled down before the public can sit in it. It's that hot.

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This time Kirsty had the genius idea of a day at the Bath Thermae Spa. Go ahead, click on that link and daydream for a few minutes, then I'll tell you how great it was. We bought a two-hour voucher and somehow justified the expense as necessary meditation and relaxation from being crunched in a car for hours each day. Well, I didn't really need justification. Stuff like that is once-in-a-lifetime.

No photography was allowed, so the image to your right is from the Spa's website. This particular pool was my favorite, as it was on the roof. The weather was glorious, blue-skied, and sun-filled, despite being only around 50 degrees in the air. That didn't matter because I was mostly covered by 94* water, chasing and avoiding the bubbles. It was £26 for a two-hour session and worth every penny. The opposite of being in a car for a long trip, being loose in a large pool is free and relaxing. Kirsty went back and forth between two baths and a steam room, while I spent most of my time on the rooftop. It's hard to beat a view of an ancient Abbey, rolling hills, steeples, and gorgeous architecture.

I visited Bath a few years ago when Peter and I toured together over here and saw the Roman Baths (not the hot springs). Here's a travelogue video if you'd like a peek at them:

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