Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tour update: Cornwall -- Differential Calculus and Beings Animalculus.

I adore musicals. David wasn't permitted to marry me until he'd seen The Sound of Music. (This blip on his pop culture radar was rectified shortly after our engagement.) Say what you want about spontaneous singing and dancing, but I think everyone in the world could use a little more suspension of disbelief. We spent the past week, for the most part, traveling around Cornwall, but I was more excited than ever to visit one place: Penzance! (Sadly, David has not seen The Pirates of Penzance, but we'll work on that soon. Maybe now...)

Sadly, for me, the town itself wasn't anything spectacular, and we didn't see a single pirate. In fact, we didn't even stop the car. I drove through with my eyes peeled for Linda Rondstadt and Kevin Kline. I did see a few old women who may have been Angela Lansbury, but we drove on towards Land's End too quickly for me to question them.

Still, it was really cool to have been there. We did eventually stop in St. Ives (pictured left), a town with less grit and more polish (and more tourists) just a couple of miles down the road. I took loads of photos of the sea, enjoyed a saunter through the adorable narrow streets, and found some delicious chips at a fish-n-chips shop on the boardwalk. Good fun.

During our drive, we also visited some ancient stones on the way to Land's End. To your right is a photo of Lanyon Quoit, one of those megalithic tomb thingies from a few thousand years ago. I like olde stones, but since reading Outlander, have been worried about getting to close and being sucked back in time. One can never be too careful.

Another highlight of our drive was
a visit to St. Michael's Mount -- a castle, on a hill, on an island, that is only an island when the tide is high. The tide was low, so we were able to walk along the sand to have a closer look. The castle itself was closed (just like most thing in England seem to be), but the view was still spectacular.
St. Michael's mount later that day ... high tide.
Lanyon Quoit. Cornwall, England.

Off to watch more Pirates of Penzance on YouTube...

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