Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday: Markets and Masons.

This city is so beautiful. I love that turning a corner and seeing The Castle is every bit as intimidating and amazing as when I first saw it at age nineteen. This morning, I got a hot chocolate and croissant from the farmers' market by the Castle and sat for a while, writing and people-watching. I didn't buy any produce though. I save actual shopping for my Sunday market trips.

Later, as I wandered around, I was distracted by a curious sign. Remember how I love the Masons ... well, entry into their lair for only £1 and no-questions-asked PLUS vintage coats? Yes, please!

Once inside (they let me in, suspecting nothing!) I browsed the stalls full of costume jewelry and antique bug collections, but was more interested in what kind of secret meetings take place in these chairs. Take not of the imposing pipe organ. Maybe I can get a job playing the organ at the Freemason Lodge. Any masons reading this? Hire me! I can keep a secret. (And I can play the organ.)

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