Monday, October 10, 2011

Fasting and consuming all in the same day.

I was guilt-tripped into fasting for Yom Kippur. I know that's missing the point, but I do not like to bested in Judaism by my Methodist husband, who had decided to fast. I lasted until I heard the University-sponsored dinner we were attending wasn't until 7:45. Sunset, my friends, was at 6:31, and if you think I'm waiting another hour and a half plus some to allow for catering mishaps (dinner wasn't actually served until almost 8:30), then you've never seen me hungry. Anyway, I always get a migraine during a fast, so I should have known better. Believe me, I atoned.

To distract from my hunger, and because not having eaten meant that clothes would fit better, David and I went shopping on Saturday. We meandered in and out of approximately four thousand different stores, from the quaint thrift stores ("charity shops" as they are called here) in our neighborhood, all the way to Jenners. Jenners is like Macy's, without the good sales. David tried on a gorgeous coat made by some man with a nice name, and both I and the salesman tried to talk him into buying it. He abstained.

We also popped in Anthropologie, with the anthropological task of trying to figure out why in the world I like a store that is clearly just Urban Outfitters for women over thirty. (But I do. I really, really do.) Also, I wanted to show him that cute hat I found there last week. I felt used by their evil displays (antique books, friends, antique books!), and luckily, David whisked me out of there with the promise and speedy delivery of a fancy coffee drink before I spent his student loan money on a £448 coat. I'm convinced that price-tag was a misprint, anyway, as we'd seen a similar one in a charity shop for £12.

Honestly, I much prefer fancy grocery stores to fancy department stores. Currently, I'm working on making up for lost calories. Time for second breakfast.

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