Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baguettes, Cobblestones, and Chianti.

After a long day of reading a good book in a coffeeshop (it's for a freelance job I'm doing -- I know, I know, you hate me), I popped into the cheesemonger's shop for some fresh eggs. I'm not sure why the cheesemonger sells eggs, but they are farm-fresh and cheaper than the grocers. Next, I walked a few cobblestone streets down and bought a hot baguette from a charming French bakery. The rest of the evening will consist of making a quick soup and and pouring a glass of chianti from Valvona & Crolla just in time for David to come home from school. Life in Scotland is kind of fantastic. Can you tell we've spent our weekends exploring delis and specialty grocers?

Also, look what I found in the cheesemonger:
It's still spelled wrong, but it's spelled less wrong than most. Next time I'll have a taste and report back to you.

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